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A good tattoo piercer with fine-line tattooing skills, ten years of experience, CPR and first-aid training at YMCA, and Bloodborne pathogens training from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). He is also a member Of APP. This handsome-looking teenager made his first benchmark at the School of Piercings and body arts as the top-ranked student. He quickly made the place as a tattoo artist and launched the “Shattoo” in LA in 2020. He is also a fine-line tattoo specialist keen on many types of tattoos like Animal, Realistic, and abstract. He firmly believes every tattoo should result from a partnership between the artist and the client, so he works hard to develop one-of-a-kind designs for each customer who walks into Shattoo.

As it turned out, he was correct, and he soon fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting tattoos instead of body piercings. He is well known for his expansive and complex total back pieces in the Asian style, like many other artists.

He studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Animation in 2008. He obtained an apprenticeship at Mr. Tattoo in Los Angeles soon after graduating to launch his tattooing career.

His love towards comic books and fantasy art led to his passion for drawing when he was very young. And this also made him become the best even at tattooing. The passion of being a tattooist was made him to come such longer as the very first co-owner of a tattoo studio. On the other hand the uniqueness of his tattoo made him to be nominated as the Best teen tattoo artist in LA 2015. Each and every line done by him is a masterpiece

Tattoo Artist


CEO Note


We are a skilled group of professionals who share the goal of making unique tattoos and Piercing with our clients. I’m glad you’re here, and I appreciate you taking the time to make our goal so real.