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Hi there, welcome to shatattoos.com, the online hub of women’s tattoos.

For us, as tattoo enthusiasts, getting a tattoo is no more a taboo subject. However, it might not be the same with all women across the world. Some of them might not have sufficient knowledge on the subject or anyone who knows about tattoos around them. So, the next best possible option they have is to take their issue online and seek help, as visiting a professional straightaway might not make them feel comfortable for the first time.

We have understood this pain point of women and thought it would immensely help if we establish a reliable women’s online tattoo blog where we can help rookie readers, in particular, to get their dream tattoo while letting them know both sides of the coin.

This blog is mainly aimed at helping ladies who are interested in tattoos, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest that male readers cannot refer to our blog posts. They also can join the community as we have plans in the future to cover everything possible that would help everyone who has a love for tattoos regardless of gender.

The articles published on shatattoos.com are well researched and written under the total supervision of professional tattooists. So, you can bank on us and put the info in our articles into work without much of a fuss.

If you need our professional guidance, please feel free to visit the contact us page and drop us a message. Finally, we would appreciate it if you could bookmark our blog and wander around it in your leisure time. Have a great day!

Our Vision


At Shattoo, our mission is to make unique Tattoo and Piercing for our clients. We pride ourselves on our creativity and customer service and are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible experience.

Our Mission


Satisfying Each and every tiny line with equal and mild care