As a woman with numerous tattoos, I’ve seen that I’m subjected to a number of preconceived notions. When a guy looks at my tattooed arms, he might assume I’m a badass rebel if he’s not the tattooed kind himself. However, when you consider that I’m a walking ad for J.Crew and I wear pearl earrings from Tiffany, you can see that this is far from the truth. Tattoos are a personal choice that can be marketed, Women with Tattoos: What You Should Know. However, as a woman who has decided to get permanently tattooed (and I’m hardly done, much to my mother‘s dismay), I like to believe that my ink makes me and other women like me unique. After you get over the fact that we’re attractive as hell, here are seven things to expect while dating a lady with tattoos. If you could describe the sensation of getting a tattoo, what would you say? Nearly everyone has wondered this at some point when considering getting their first tattoo. Getting a tattoo is not just a huge commitment but also a potentially painful one.

I can say from personal experience that getting a tattoo isn’t as scary as people make it out to be if you take your time and read up on it beforehand. If, on the other hand, you don’t do your research and get a tattoo on the spur of the moment while drinking heavily at happy hour over spring break, you can wind up regretting it and spending a lot of money on laser tattoo removal sessions in the future. So, I compiled this helpful tattoo guide full of expert knowledge and guidance for the purpose of answering any concerns you may have and assisting you in avoiding getting a design you regret. Everything you need to know about getting a tattoo, from how to prepare for your appointment to where to look for a tattoo artist and how to care for your new ink as it heals, is detailed here. Tattoos are a popular trend that’s catching on all over the world. Women with Tattoos: What You Should Know


1. She Takes Pain in Stride

While this doesn’t mean that we welcome hardship with open arms, it does indicate that we are able to look adversity in the face and shrug it off. If you break our heart, we will get over it. However, the prognosis for your speedy recovery is still up in the air.

2. Confidence comes naturally to her

Confidence in plenty is required to enter a tattoo parlor and request inking of any kind. According to research conducted in 2011, inking one’s body led to “much-decreased appearance anxiety… and significantly higher body appreciation, distinctive appearance investment, self-ascribed uniqueness, and self-esteem” among both sexes. If you’re the sort that could need some guidance in this area, dating someone who has a healthy sense of self would be beneficial for both of you.

3. She Is Not Shy About Attempting New Things

Does this indicate that whenever she gets the chance, she’ll go skydiving? Probably. I kid! However, real research has shown that people with tattoos are more likely to take risks, so even if you’re not the risk-taking kind, you’ll still enjoy spending time with her.

4. Confidence

A woman’s self-esteem soars whenever she makes positive aesthetic improvements, whether those be to her hair, her wardrobe, or her fitness routine. Naturally, every woman is unique, and the aforementioned are only a few instances of the many ways females can improve their sense of self-worth. There are many things in life that can boost one’s confidence, including the approval of those closest to them, wearing clothes that highlight one’s best features, achieving one’s professional goals, and so on. Yet, one must remember that he or she must look inward for true worth. Confidence is one of the most beautiful attributes, and a woman who likes who she is will exude more of it in her personal, social, and professional interactions.

Having self-assurance also encourages women to experiment with their personal styles and ways of expressing themselves. Since the 1970s, female tattoo enthusiasts have helped popularize the art form as a means of personal expression. According to a Fox News poll, females now see tattoos with a considerably more positive attitude than in the past. The survey found that 47 percent of young women (those under the age of 35) and 4 percent of older women (those 65 and up) have tattoos.

5. Take a peek at the living room in advance

Even if the tattoo parlor is conveniently located near your dorm, that doesn’t guarantee that it’s a reputable business (I learned this one the hard way, btw). Pay the salon a visit, inquire about the validity of their artists’ licenses, and peruse internet reviews; Yelp will provide all the details you need. You should check the tattooing regulations in your state to ensure that the establishment you are contemplating has the required licensing and follows those laws. McCurdy emphasizes the significance of a spotless studio in making a customer feel at ease. “During the time between tattoos, how does the artist keep their workspace clean? How long has it been since you last cleaned the station where I’ll be getting my tattoo? Where do you have your tattoos done?”


A small heart tattoo, for instance, shouldn’t cost more than the parlor’s minimum, which is sometimes $50 or $100. Something is amiss if a tattoo artist will do it for $15. Work from unproven artists could lead to illness or poor quality. Considering the permanence of a tattoo and the potential risks it poses to one’s health, getting one is undoubtedly a worthy expenditure. Still, I’ve seen perfectly legitimate tattoo shops holding sales in honor of holidays like Halloween and Friday the 13th (and even Harry Potter’s birthday!). The discounts are dubbed flash sales, and customers can save money by selecting a design from a library of templates. With that exception, though, getting a tattoo is not the time to look for a deal.


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