What to eat after Tongue piercing? We all know that Tongue piercing is a harrowing experience. Also, the Tongue is one of the essential organs in the body. The Tongue is the first organ that food reaches before getting to the digestive system. So, taking care of the Tongue is so essential. But aftercare is too important as well. Eat protein-rich foods, and avoid acidic and salty foods if possible. 

In the healing process of Tongue piercing, there is some food that you avoid eating. And some can heal the piercing before we excepted. 


What to eat after Tongue piercing

  • Avoid foods that are too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid citrus fruits and juices.
  • Avoid salty foods (E.g., chips) and spicy foods (E.g., Thai food).
  • Do not eat acidic foods for at least 24 hours after your Tongue piercing procedure, including applesauce and white wine with dinner!

Salty foods

What to eat after Tongue piercing
  • Salt is another great way to reduce swelling. It helps to keep your Tongue clean, which is especially important if you’re wearing a stud or hook in your mouth.
  • If you’re not a fan of salt, try using salt water instead–it’s just as effective (and less cumbersome). You can also use baking soda or baking powder if you want something with more flavor than plain water will provide!

Acidic foods and drinks

  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks: citrus fruits, tomatoes, and vinegar.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, avoid them for the first 48 hours after piercing to help minimize swelling in the area around your Tongue.

Crunchy food

Crunchy food is a great way to keep your Tongue from getting sore and bored. Crunchy foods also help keep you from getting sick, and it’s also good for your teeth!

Tongue piercing

Hot and spicy foods

You may want to eat hot and spicy foods after your Tongue piercing, but it’s essential to be careful. Overeating this type of food can cause pain and swelling in your mouth. How is too much?

If you eat something spicy and then go straight home without taking a break, don’t worry–you’ll probably be fine! But if you’re planning on having some fun with your spicy new snack (or three!), wait at least 30 minutes before attempting any activities like eating or drinking anything else or going out in public.

Sticky or Chewy Foods

After getting your Tongue pierced, food will stick to the barbell and become stuck in the piercing canal much more quickly. For this reason, you should not eat sticky foods like oatmeal and peanut butter. Red meat and other chewy foods will force you to masticate more, increasing your Tongue’s inflammation.

Alcoholic Beverages

What to eat after Tongue piercing

It would be best if you avoided Alcohol while you are recovering. Alcohol contains chemicals that can harm your pierced Tongue and can even be found in food and oral hygiene products. Also, remember not to use Alcohol even to clean the piercing.

Hard Foods

Your pierced Tongue may get hurt if you eat hard foods. These foods’ small pieces can get lodged in the piercing canal and cause pain and infection. Additionally, it would be best to chew these foods more thoroughly because not doing so causes tissues to swell. Cookies, apples, nuts, crackers, chips, carrots, and toast are a few examples of hard foods.

Not to eat things

Eat a variety of foods to help your Tongue heal properly. It would be best if you ate various foods to help your Tongue heal properly.

  • Refrain from eating anything too hard.
  • Do not eat anything too hot or spicy (E.g., Chilies)
  • Do not eat anything that is too sour or acidic (E.g., Lemon juice)
  • Avoid salty foods like chips and pretzels as they can irritate the healing area on your Tongue and cause an open wound in addition to making it bleed more than usual during healing time!

Conclusion on what to eat after Tongue piercing

Remember, the idea is to eat foods that won’t cause more damage or irritation. So, don’t go overboard with spicy food or anything too acidic. Make sure you also have some salty snacks to help your Tongue heal nicely!

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