Today, let’s get to know what does an Ace of spades tattoo mean to a woman. A tattoo is a form of decoration in different colors and designs on your body. It has always been a growing trend, with no age difference for people to get a tattoo with various designs and symbols. People tattoo themselves for different reasons. Some of them are, to denote they belong to a group, for a memorial, for religious devotion, or as a decoration on their body.

A tattoo is very attractive on your body; it catches one’s attention instantly, compared to a person with no tattoos. However, as previously stated, most people with a tattoo have a reason for it. The Ace of spades is one of the most famous tattoo symbols seen in both men and women. The reason for the Ace of spades symbol varies from each person as it has many meanings. However, it has taken a significant place for women with an ace of spades tattoo. But what does an Ace of spades tattoo mean on a woman?

The answer depends on the different concepts women have. However, in this article, we will speak about what an ace of a spade’s tattoo symbolizes. Moreover, the significance of what an ace of a spade tattoo means to women.


History of the Ace of Spades symbol

The symbol Ace of spades first originated in France in the 15th century. The spade takes the shape of the leaf in the cosmic tree. The symbol has been used on various occasions in history with different meanings. In some parts of the world, the soldiers wore the Ace of spades in their helmets to denote them as tough and fearless warriors. However, people have started tattooing different designs with the Ace of spades on their bodies with the revolution.

What Does an Ace of Spades Tattoo Mean on a Woman?

The Ace of spades is the highest valued card in the deck, and it symbolizes the highest power in general. But in the past, it was used to symbolize good luck. The meaning of good luck was believed to be originated in the 17th century.

However, tattooing an Ace of spades holds different opinions and beliefs in the point of a person. Some believe it symbolizes power, good luck, death, good fortune, etc. But this is also used to denote a gang or group depending on which part of the body the Ace of spades is tattooed.

If you see an ace of spades tattooed under a person’s eye, it could denote they are part of the underworld thief or criminals. Since the Ace of Spades holds the highest value in the deck of cards, it is closely associated with symbolizing gamblers, bikers, gangs, etc.

As previously stated, the Ace of spades has many meanings and varies to each individual, but it is noticed and significant when tattooed on women. To know what an ace of spades tattoo means on women, keep reading the article.

A woman getting an ace of spades tattoo generally symbolizes her desire for black men or her likeness towards black men. Women with the Ace of spades are tattooed to hint that they are attracted to black men sexually and invite them for an intimate relationship.

However, not everyone may have the same idea; some women might get the Ace of spades tattoo to symbolize good or good fortune.

But the meaning of the Ace of spades is tattooed, is based on the part of the body she inks.

How Long Do Tattoos Last?

A tattoo is known to be permanently drawn art on your skin, and this is because the ink is injected through a needle into your skin to the tissue present below the outer layer. Tattoos usually last for years, but there are also different factors affecting the time taken for a tattoo to lose its colors. Some depend on the skin type, the ink used to tattoo, and the part of your body you have tattooed.

Based on the above factors, a tattoo usually starts to fade between the first month after a tattoo and before six months. However, the tattoo has lasted for around ten years for most.

The tattoo will last longer if you apply SPF sunscreen. In addition, wear clothes that don’t expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, use a body wash with less fragrance, etc. Losing a few pounds will also leave your tattoo look thicker and last longer. This is because when the skin expands when you gain weight, the tattoo will look faded.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Tattoo?

Be it an Ace of spades tattoo or any other symbol. The cost to get the size of the tattoo decides a tattoo. Getting a tattoo can usually cost between $50 to $250. A tiny tattoo usually costs below $100, a medium size tattoo can cost between $250, and bigger tattoos cost more than $250.

It is better to find an excellent place to tattoo yourself. Before you go to any place to tattoo, compare the prices and go for a deal.

How to Get Rid of a Tattoo?

You can remove a tattoo by yourself or a professional using laser tattoo removal. But removing a tattoo by a professional can be relatively more expensive than getting a tattoo. Thus it is better to try your best to remove a tattoo yourself.

To remove a tattoo at home, you can use natural bleaching agents like lemon, lime, salt, baking soda, aloe vera, etc. But you can only fade the tattoo to an extent. To completely get rid of the tattoo, you must go to a professional, which can cost more than $4000.


The Ace of spades is one of the most potent symbols, with different meanings. The symbol is also mostly used for tattoos in men and women, designed in different ways. However, women with an ace of spades tattoo hold a significant meaning. Hence as the article explains what an ace of spades tattoo means to a woman, it denotes their attraction toward black men. Also, they are open to a relationship with a black lover.


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