A popular question is: What does a tattoo of a woman mean? Here, we look at the meaning of tattoos. When I turned 18, I got my first tattoo. It was just a daisy on the inner of my ankle, but it made me laugh. I’ve always loved daisies, but at age 18, the idea of having one tattooed on my ankle for all time sounded like a stroke of genius. After that, I saw some ridiculous articles labeling tattooed women as “broken,” but that didn’t stop me from getting around 15 more — tattoos, not daisies — since then. On my left arm are Fitzgerald and Hemingway phrases, on my rib cage is an Anais Nin quote, a half sleeve based on a Vladimir Nabokov book cover, and my dog’s name tattooed on me because, well, duh, and I have a few more.

I’m a tattooed woman now. There are a lot of assumptions made about me because I am a woman with numerous tattoos. If a man sees my tattooed arms and doesn’t have any himself, he may mistake me for a badass rebel. However, when you consider that I dress like a J.Crew catalog and accessorize with pearl earrings from Tiffany & Co., you can tell that this is far from the truth. But as a woman who has decided to be tattooed for the rest of her life (and I’m scarcely done, much to my mother’s dismay), I like to think that my ink makes me and other women like me unique.


1. She Doesn’t Follow the Rules

What does a tattoo of a woman mean? Tattoos are now more commonplace than ever before, but that doesn’t diminish their significance in defining who we are as individuals. Also, I rarely meet other ladies who have as many tattoos as I have. A lady who chooses to adorn herself with tattoos is not concerned with conforming to societal norms. To put it simply, she is original in both her ideas and her behavior. A woman like that is attractive to anyone.

2. There is no doubt in her mind that she will succeed.

It takes guts to go into a tattoo parlor and ask to get inked with something, anything, really. After having a tattoo, both men and women reported feeling “substantially decreased appearance anxiety” and “significantly higher body appreciation, distinctive appearance investment, self-ascribed uniqueness, and self-esteem,” according to a study conducted in 2011. Dating someone who has a healthy sense of self-worth is good for the relationship, and if you’re the sort who could use some guidance in this area, it could be helpful to observe and learn from their example.

3. She is not hesitant to try new things.

Do you think this means she’ll be a serial skydiver? Probably. I kid! But in all seriousness, research has shown that people with tattoos are more willing to take risks, so even if you’re not the risk-taking kind, you’ll still have a great time hanging out with her.

4. She Has No Pain Tolerance

That doesn’t mean we all enjoy experiencing pain, but it does indicate that we are able to look adversity in the face and shrug it off. That is to say, even if you shatter our hearts, we will heal. However, how long it will take you to get better is still up for debate.

5. She is unwavering in her convictions.

A tattooed lady isn’t afraid to stand by her convictions, so even if her anti-conventionalism is keeping her from wanting to get married or signing up for happily ever after with you, she’s not going to back down just because you’re not as amazing as any tattoo she has. She stays the course even when the going gets rough since she has a strong commitment to the cause.

6. She’s like a walking topic generator.

Dating a tattooed woman is for people who fear social gatherings because they feel they have nothing to contribute. Although not every woman who gets a tattoo does so for sentimental reasons, research has shown that men, in particular, enjoy approaching women who have tattoos and asking them a series of 30 questions. Also, a popular inquiry is “Did that hurt?” Yes, it’s the most idiotic question ever asked, but it always sparks a discussion.

7. She Has No Faith in Remorse

Regardless of how many times the question “What if you regret your tattoos someday?” has been posed, we haven’t. We don’t give a damn about things like that; getting a tattoo isn’t something you do with the intention of never desiring it again; rather, you do it because it represents a stunning form of individual expression. The act of speaking your mind should never be regretted. Not only do we have no regrets about getting tattoos, but we have no regrets about anything in our lives.


The growing acceptance that women and men contribute equally to the workplace has contributed to the rise in popularity of these tattoos in recent years. This page will examine some of the most popular feminist tattoos and discuss the various meanings behind them. What does a tattoo of a woman mean? While not all tattoos were originally intended for feminists, many of today’s designs feature strong female figures or messages. As long as the design resonates with the wearer, it can be considered feminist. In addition, those who do choose to acquire tattoos of this kind sometimes attribute additional, unrelated meanings to the designs. The text in your feminist tattoo should be carefully chosen to convey the exact message you wish to convey.

It’s a good plan for many reasons, not the least of which is that you don’t have to hide as much of your body as you may think in order to make a point. As an added bonus, text tattoos are very customizable; you can use any font, color scheme, or another design element you like, and the odds are high that you will have a unique tattoo that no one else has. For its powerful message and minimal skin coverage, “Girl Power” is one of the most popular feminist text tattoos among women. If you want to show your solidarity with other women in their struggle for gender parity, this is a terrific design to acquire.


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