Rhysand’s Knee Tattoos – Introduction

Rhysand's Knee Tattoos

So you’ve noticed Rhysand’s intricate knee tattoos peeking out from under his signature black trousers and wondered what’s the deal with the swirly designs. Those deceptively simple tattoos are way more meaningful than meets the eye. Rhysand’s tats are more than body art – they’re visual representations of pivotal moments in his life and a journey map. Each curve and swirl symbolizes a key experience that has shaped him into the man and musician he is today. Through the story of his knee tattoos, you’ll gain insight into Rhysand’s philosophy of life, his values, and his drive for creative expression. There’s a whole world of meaning behind those tattoos if you know how to read between the lines.

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The Meaning Behind Rhys and’s Knee Tattoos

Rhysand’s intricate knee tattoos are more than just decoration – they tell a story. The twisting lines and sharp angles symbolize Rhysand’s cunning and cleverness.

The largest tattoo on his left knee represents the Night Court. The crescent moon at the top signifies Rhysand’s title as High Lord of the Night Court, while the stars around it represent each of the seven High Lords he serves under. The swirling lines below illustrate the darkness and mystery of the Night Court.

On his right knee, Rhysand bears the tattoo of a hawk in flight. This symbolizes freedom and strength, reflecting Rhysand’s fierce independence and power as a warrior. The hawk’s piercing gaze and sharp talons are a warning to any who dare threaten the Night Court.

Below the hawk, Rhysand has a tattoo of a multi-thorned briar. The thorns represent challenges Rhysand has overcome, while the briar vine signifies his endurance and ability to prevail despite adversity. Each thorn on the vine memorializes a hard-fought victory or sacrifice Rhysand made to protect his court and people.

Rhysand’s knee tattoos provide insight into his cunning and strength as a leader, his devotion to protecting the Night Court, and the immense challenges he has overcome. More than body art, these tattoos map Rhysand’s life, leadership, and legacy. Their intricacy and detail reflect the depth of Rhysand’s character – there is always more than meets the eye.

Rhysand’s Knee Tattoos Symbolize His Time Under the Mountain

Rhysand’s knee tattoos are more than just decoration – they represent memories of his time Under the Mountain that he can never escape.

When Rhysand was Amarantha’s prisoner, she forced him to kneel for decades. His knees became a symbol of the physical and emotional pain he endured. His tattoos’ swirls and sharp lines reflect the agony and turmoil of that time.

To cover the scars and remind him of what he overcame, Rhysand chose to get tattoos on his knees. The pattern appears chaotic but has a fluid grace, representing how Rhysand could find inner peace despite the suffering.

The tattoos on his knees remind him never to kneel to anyone again. They give him strength and help keep the past from consuming him. Though Amarantha is gone, the tattoos ensure Rhysand will never forget the cost of freedom. They ground him in the present, fueling his determination to protect his people and mates from tyranny.

When Rhysand sees his knee tattoos in the mirror, the memories flood. But rather than breaking him, they make him unyielding. The High Lord of the Night Court will never again kneel or be anyone’s subject. His tattoos transform a place of anguish into a source of power – a permanent reminder of hard-fought liberty and all he has to lose if he fails his CourtCourt again.

The tattoos may appear simple, but for Rhysand, they represent victory over suffering, a rallying cry for continued vigilance, and a promise to himself and his people to defend them until his last breath. His knee tattoos are an outward sign of an inward oath that will guide him for eternity.

The Designs on Rhysand’s Knees Represent the Night Court

The intricate designs on Rhysand’s knees are more than just decorative tattoos. They represent key parts of the Night Court and its history.

The Crescent Moons

The crescent moons on Rhysand’s left knee stand for the phases of the moon that govern life in the Night Court. The waxing and waning of the moon impacts celebrations, seasonal changes, and daily activities. The crescent moons are a constant reminder of the moon’s power and influence.

The Stars

The small stars scattered across Rhysand’s knees represent each starlight in the Night Court. The High Lord of the Night Court guides and protects each starlight, so Rhysand honors them with the star tattoos. The stars also signify light and hope, even in the deepest darkness.

The Mountain Peaks

The jagged peaks on Rhysand’s right knee depict the peaks of the Night Court mountains that surround Velaris. The mountains have stood for centuries, strong and unmoving, representing resilience and eternity. They protect the city of Velaris from outside threats, just as Rhysand protects his people.

The Vines

Delicate vines wrap around Rhysand’s knees, binding the images together. The vines represent new growth, renewal, and rebirth. Although the Night Court has a long history, the vines show that it always evolves and prospers under Rhysand’s leadership. The vines connect the past, present and future of the Night Court.

The tattoos on Rhysand’s knees symbolize what he holds most dear and closest to his heart: his court, his city, and his people. The designs highlight what the High Lord of the Night Court stands for guidance, protection, hope, resilience, and renewal.

Rhysand’s Knee Tattoos Show His Allegiance to the Night Court

Rhysand’s intricate knee tattoos are more than just decorative. They signify his allegiance and dedication to the Night Court.

The Night Court has a long and complex history, but Rhysand has always been determined to protect it. His knee tattoos are a physical representation of this lifelong duty. The thorny vines wrapping around his knees represent the dangers of the mortal and faerie realms entangling and the Court’sCourt’s responsibility to guard the wall between them.

The seven stars incorporated into the vine design stand for each of the seven High Lords Rhysand has sworn to defend. Though the High Lords do not always see eye to eye, Rhysand takes his oath to protect them and their courts seriously. The stars also represent light in the darkness, a guiding force for Rhysand as he navigates the threats facing Prythian.

Hidden within the vines are symbols of each of the seven courts and their magic. The bone drum of the Spring Court, the sea shell of Summer, the autumn leaf of Autumn, the snowflake of Winter, the Day Court’s sun, the Dawn Court’s rose, and the Night Court’s crescent moon. These details demonstrate Rhysand’s commitment to guarding the diversity of magic and life in each CourtCourt.

The tattoos map Rhysand’s dedication and service to protecting his CourtCourt and Prythian. They cover his knees as a reminder of his responsibility to kneel before no one. The ink is as much a part of him as his oaths and tells the story of who he is – a bastion of hope in a world of danger and darkness. The tattoos may be decorative, but their meaning runs as deep as Rhysand’s vows to his court and people.

Rhysand’s Tattooed Knees: FAQs

Rhysand’s intricate knee tattoos are more than just decorative. They serve a magical purpose to help channel his power. Here are some frequently asked questions about Rhysand’s mystical knee tattoos:

What do the symbols on Rhysand’s knees represent?

The symbols on Rhysand’s knees are ancient fae markings that help focus and amplify his powers. The swirls and glyphs are magical conduits that allow him to tap into the full depth of his abilities. Without these tattoos, Rhysand’s power would be unfocused and undisciplined.

Do the tattoos glow or change when Rhysand uses his powers?

Yes, the tattoos on Rhysand’s knees illuminate and pulse with soft violet light when he wields his power. The glowing intensifies, the more magic he channels. The tattoos also subtly shift and rearrange themselves on his knees to help direct his power flow for different spells and purposes.

Can the tattoos be removed or transferred to another fae?

No, the tattoos are permanently etched into Rhysand’s knees. They were intricately designed to work with his unique power and faerie anatomy. Removing or altering them would disrupt their magical connection and likely cause Rhysand’s power to become unstable. The tattoos cannot be replicated or transferred to another fae.

Do other powerful fae have similar tattoos or markings?

Some other powerful fae have mystical tattoos, markings or scars that help focus their magic, though only sometimes on their knees. Azriel’s tattoos, for example, are on his hands. However, Rhysand’s knee tattoos are uniquely designed to suit the depth and intricacy of his power. No other fae has tattoos quite like Rhysand’s.

In the end, Rhysand’s wondrous knee tattoos remain largely a mystery. But one thing is certain – with them, the most powerful High Lord in history might have reached his full magical potential.


Tattoos are a personal choice. Rhysand’s intricate knee tattoos might not be for everyone, but you must admire his dedication to turning his body into a work of art. Those tattoos weren’t cheap or quick to get, but for a true tattoo aficionado like Rhysand, the time, money, and pain are worth it for such stunning and meaningful results.

Maybe Rhysand’s tattoos have inspired you to consider getting your own ink. Or maybe you’re happy just appreciating them from afar. Either way, Rhysand and his amazing knee tattoos prove that body art can be a powerful way to express yourself. His tattoos remind him that there’s always more than meets the eye.

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