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Rainbow Demon Tattoo Denver
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Ever felt like getting some new ink but need help figuring out where to go? You’re in luck; Denver’s best-kept secret is Rainbow Demon Tattoo. Nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill, this unassuming shop is home to some of the most talented artists in the city. You’ll notice the warm, welcoming vibe the second you walk through the door—no ego or attitude here, just good people creating amazing tattoos.

Whether you want a small, meaningful piece or a full custom sleeve, the artists at Rainbow Demon Tattoo have you covered. With a style for every taste, you really can go right. So next time you’re craving some new body art, skip the overhyped shops and head to Rainbow Demon Tattoo. One visit and you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this place sooner.

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The Talented Artists Behind Rainbow Demon Tattoo

Rainbow Demon Tattoo is home to some of Denver’s most talented tattoo artists. Founded in 2008, the shop is renowned for custom, freehand tattoos in traditional and geometric styles.

The shop has four resident artists, each with their unique style. Jessie “The Demon” Thompson, the owner, specializes in neo-traditional and Japanese-inspired tattoos. Her freehand skills are unmatched. The colorful florals by Sarah, “The Flower Child,” are equally stunning. For geometric designs or linework, you can’t go wrong with pieces by Andres “The Protractor” or surreal, nature-inspired tattoos by Jenna “The Naturalist.”

No matter what style you’re interested in, the artists at Rainbow Demon Tattoo will work with you to create a custom design you’ll love. They are known for being highly skilled at freehand work and excel at turning your ideas into unique pieces of art and still waiting to have a design in mind. The artists can provide suggestions based on the placement, size and style you’re looking for.

While the appointment wait time can be long, the results are well worth it. For a good reason, Denver A-List voted the shop “Best Tattoo Parlor in Denver” for three years. Not only are the artists talented, but they provide a welcoming space and stellar customer service. If you’re looking for high-quality, custom ink in Denver, Rainbow Demon Tattoo should be at the top of your list.

The Shop’s Styles and Specialties: Traditional, Neo-Traditional and More

Walking into Rainbow Demon Tattoo, you’ll immediately notice their focus on traditional tattoo styles. We’re talking classic Sailor Jerry designs, pin-ups, roses, anchors, and more. But they also do amazing neo-traditional work, with vibrant colors and stylized designs that are edgy yet timeless.

Rainbow Demon’s team of award-winning artists is highly skilled in various styles. \n\n###Traditional Tattooing

They specialize in classic tattoo styles like sailor, pin-up, American traditional, Japanese, and realism. Their lines are tight, and they pack in lots of punchy colors. You can go here if you want an iconic tattoo that will stand the test of time.


The shop is known for high-quality neo-traditional tattoos with thick outlines, bright colors, and exaggerated details. Their neo-traditional tattoos often have a stylized spin and fuse multiple styles in one design. The results are seriously stunning.

Black and Gray

In addition to colorwork, Rainbow Demon’s artists are highly skilled at black and gray tattoos. Using only black ink, they can create extremely realistic portraits, nature scenes, and other designs. The depth and detail they achieve are truly amazing.

Custom Designs

The shop is also happy to work with clients to create custom designs. They’ll consult with you, make suggestions based on the styles and subjects you like, and create a unique tattoo tailored to your vision.

With world-class artists, a hip space, and a dedication to high-quality, long-lasting tattoos, it’s no wonder Rainbow Demon Tattoo has become such an institution. Once you get inked here, you’ll be part of the family for life.

Why Choose Rainbow Demon Tattoo

Rainbow Demon Tattoo is Denver’s best-kept secret for custom tattoos and piercings. Here are a few reasons to choose Rainbow Demon Tattoo for your next ink.

Talented Artists

The shop is home to some of Denver’s most talented tattoo artists. Each artist has a unique style, from new school to Japanese traditional to black and gray realism. Browse the artist portfolios on their website to find an artist whose style matches your desires. With so much talent under one roof, you’re sure to find an artist to bring your vision to life.

High Quality and Safety Standards

Rainbow Demon Tattoo upholds the highest standards for quality, cleanliness and safety. They use single-use needles and sterilize all equipment in an autoclave. The shop is inspected regularly to ensure it meets or exceeds Denver’s health code requirements. Knowing you’re in good hands, you can get a tattoo or piercing at Rainbow Demon Tattoo with confidence.

Custom Work Encouraged

While they offer some flash (pre-drawn) tattoos and piercing jewelry for walk-ins, Rainbow Demon Tattoo specializes in fully custom work. They encourage people to come in with unique ideas and work with an artist to create custom tattoos and piercings tailored to their style and tastes. If you have an idea, the artists at Rainbow Demon Tattoo can make it a reality.

Laid Back, Inclusive Environment

Rainbow Demon Tattoo cultivates an open, laid-back environment where people from all walks of life feel welcome. Their staff aims to make everyone feel at ease, whether it’s their first tattoo or fiftieth piercing. It’s an inclusive space for people of all identities, backgrounds and styles.

If you’re looking for high-quality, custom ink or piercings in a safe, welcoming space, look no further than Rainbow Demon Tattoo. This Denver gem is waiting to be discovered by you.

The Tattoo Experience at Rainbow Demon Tattoo

Rainbow Demon Tattoo is a hidden gem in Denver’s tattoo scene. Once you discover it, you’ll want to make it your go-to shop. From the moment you walk in, the friendly staff and laid-back vibe will put you at ease.


When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll meet first with your artist for a consultation. They will review your design ideas and guide you on placement, size, and style options to ensure you have a custom tattoo you’ll love. Be bold and ask questions – the staff is extremely knowledgeable and wants you to feel informed before getting inked.

A Comfortable Space

The open studio space features high ceilings, natural lighting, and a minimalist design. You can watch other artists at work or relax in the lounge until your artist is ready. Soft music plays in the background, setting a perfect mood for your tattoo experience.

Safety and Hygiene

Rainbow Demon Tattoo upholds the highest standards of safety and hygiene. All equipment is properly sterilized, and single-use needles are opened before you. Surfaces are thoroughly disinfected between clients, and staff follow strict protocols for hand washing and glove changes.

Talented Artists

The shop is home to some of the top artists in Denver, with styles ranging from traditional to geometric, minimalist to illustrative. Browse artist portfolios on the website or Instagram to find one whose aesthetic matches your interests. With so much talent under one roof, you really can’t go wrong.

Rainbow Demon Tattoo provides an exceptional experience from the initial consultation to the final touch-up. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth, you’ll leave feeling like part of the family and planning your next visit. This hidden gem is worth discovering.

Rainbow Demon Tattoo: How to Get Your Next Tattoo

Rainbow Demon Tattoo is Denver’s best-kept secret for custom tattoos. Nestled in the hip RiNo district, this intimate shop is perfect for getting your next meaningful piece of body art.

To get started, check out their website and Instagram to get a feel for the artists’ unique styles. Each has a specialty: nature-inspired work, neo-traditional, or lettering. Find an artist whose aesthetic matches what you have in mind. Then, reach out to request a consult for your tattoo idea. The artists want to understand your vision fully to design a custom piece you’ll love.

At your consult, bring reference images, sketches, poems—whatever will help convey your inspiration. Be open to the artist’s input, as they may suggest tweaks to suit the location of your body or their particular style. Once you settle on a final design, you’ll deposit to schedule your appointment.

Appointments typically last 2 to 6 hours, depending on the tattoo’s size and complexity. Come well-rested, hydrated, and with snacks to keep your energy up. The shop has all the amenities to ensure comfort, including TVs, music, refreshments and restrooms. The artists do phenomenal work but take breaks when needed to prevent fatigue. Your patience will reward you with a tattoo you can cherish for life.

After getting your tattoo:

• Follow the aftercare instructions carefully.

• Keep the bandage on for at least a few hours, then gently wash the area 3 times a day and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer.

• Avoid the sun, swimming or scratching the area until it’s healed.

You’ll have minimal scabbing with proper aftercare, and your tattoo will heal beautifully.

Rainbow Demon Tattoo’s tight-knit crew of talented artists, custom designs, and cozy vibe make it the perfect place to get inked. Once you discover this hidden gem, you’ll want to return for your next art work.


You’ve discovered Rainbow Demon Tattoo, a magical little shop tucked away in the heart of Denver. Now that you know about this hidden gem, you can get inked by some of the most talented artists in the city in a space overflowing with creativity and good vibes. Whether you want to get your first tattoo or add to your growing body art collection, Rainbow Demon Tattoo will not disappoint.

The shop is open every day of the week, so there’s no excuse not to stop by, chat with the artists, and start planning your next tattoo adventure. What are you waiting for? This little secret will stay hidden for a while. Head to Rainbow Demon Tattoo today – your new favorite tattoo shop awaits you.

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