Face tattoos or facial tattoos are placed on the bearer’s face or head. It is a part of the traditional tattoos of many different ethnic groups.

Although it is now considered extreme body art and taboo in many cultures, this tattoo design and placement have recently grown in popularity in some subcultures. This is due to the continued acceptance of tattoos and the emergence of hip-hop culture.

Your friends will try to talk you out of getting a face tattoo whenever you bring it up in conversation. Since let’s be honest, it could be. Since it serves as your identity and is visible to the public, your face is the first thing most people notice about you.



Let’s quickly go over the downsides of getting a face tattoo : they are permanent and can be covered up with makeup, but that takes time and money and can be removed with a laser, but that is also expensive and time-consuming, so you’ll be out and about for a while with a partially-faded tattoo.

Depending on the size and color, removing a face tattoo may cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, it might leave discoloration, which is not good. Any skin changes will appear immediately because the tattoo is on your face.

Are you still sure you need this? Okay then, let’s move to the better side now!

As we all know, face tattoo is not just a trend but a popular trend. Many people around the world are curious about this trend. Also, the face tattoo demographic is evenly split between men and women.

There is a wide range of patterns and styles of designs in these face tattoos. Many people use facial piercings along with these facial tattoos to add more beauty and uniqueness. 

About the pain

No offense, it hurts. But Tattoos on the arm hurt less than those on the face. The traditional belief is that the more cushioning you provide for the needle and the more pain you experience, the more muscle and flesh there is between your skin and your bone. That doesn’t apply as much to your face. 

Amazingly, our faces are delicate. Any tattoo, no matter how large or small, will hurt because there are numerous nerve endings in the skin here.

With Piercings 

As we mentioned, many people tend to get piercings and facial tattoos. Eyebrow, labret, and bridge piercing are some of the most common uses of piercing styles, along with facial tattoos. 

About the Cost

The more you expect, the more you have to pay. A tattoo will cost more if it is more significant, give more details, and is more colorful. This is because your tattooist will charge more equipment costs with more needle changes and ink colors used.

When it deals to the sessions, small tattoos can typically be completed in a single session, whereas larger tattoos may need several.

You might want to take more breaks than usual if you have face tattoos. The process of face tattooing is very demanding. You’ll be able to see and touch the needle up close. With your tattoo artist, review the schedule and how often you’d like a break.

Celebrities with face tattoos

  • Amber rose (a bold tattoo on her forehead)
  • Amanda Bynes (small black heart on her cheeks)
  • Justin Bieber (tiny cross above his left eye) 
  • Aaron Carter
  • Mike Tyson (simple tribal-style tattoo encircles his eye)
  • Presley Gerber (neck tattoo)
  • Chris Brown 

Ideas for face tattoos 

Here are some ideas for the tattoos. 

  • The Crown

Because it can make it into a small, simple icon or, more significantly, with more jewels and decorations, the crown tattoo is a popular design.

Having a crown tattoo frequently implies being the king or queen, which is the meaning behind it. Life is good when you are your family’s head and performing at your best. Because many of them are complementary, your partner can get a face crown tattoo.

  • Mandala Dot Work

They allow intricate, unique details to be used in tattoos of any size. Although patience is necessary, the outcomes are truly remarkable. In this facial tattoo idea, a half-mandala pattern spirals across the cheek from the ear.

It could just be an ornamental tattoo, which is fine, or it could be a symbol for hearing something—listening to others, the surroundings, supportive remarks, or love.

Remember that men and women frequently develop light hairs on this area, which could cover the ink.

  • Moon symbols

This symbolizes light and darkness. For some, this is a little bit romantic in that it shows that they are the light for others’ dark life. For an idea, you can add some little stars around your eye with a moon.

facial tattoos
  • Horseshoe 

This is a well-known luck symbol. It frequently appears along with skulls and four-leaf clovers, denoting wealth, luck, and gaming.

You can place a horseshoe symbol between your eyebrows. Also, if you like, you can get an eyebrow piercing along with this.

  • Horoscope Star Sign

What a fantastic idea! Gemini is a sign of the zodiac and means “twins” in Latin, so if you and a friend or sibling are both Geminis, you should get matching tattoos. Although it looks great when placed by the eye, it can also be stylish when placed by the temple, ear, cheekbone, or eyebrow.

  • Hugs and kisses

The tattoo of hearts and kisses is adorable without being overtly feminine. It blends in well and, if necessary, could be easily hidden with makeup or a hat.

By the way, Face tattoos are highly personal, and depending on whom you ask, there are hundreds of different explanations.

In other exceptions, if some think that these are illegal, sorry to say they are not illegal in the USA. 

So girls! no offense for getting yours face tattoo done today.


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