In tattoo making, many people think that the sense of art is more important than the sense of machines. But what happens if they need to have a sense of technology while operating a machine? Or else think of a situation when the tattoo machine is broken. He should have the ability even to fix the machine to some extent. So here today, “Shattoo” decided to give you some basics about tattoo machine types. So stay tuned until the end!


Types of Tattoo machines

When it talks to the types of tattoo machines, there are mainly two types Coil machines and Rotary machines.  

Coil machine

This type is the traditional and oldest tattoo machine. It is adjustable and a little bit noisier than the new ones. With the help of electricity, coil machines move the armature bar and tattoo needle in the direction of the coil, which pulls the needle into the skin. The circuit is damaged. As a result, it causes the needle to pull back into the machine. The way a coil machine functions is by over again performing this procedure.

So this requires greater attention and a greater understanding of inking. This machine should be tuned frequently and a bit more heavily than others. It is a bit longer when it talks to the healing period, as more severe damage is caused to the skin with these coiled tattoo machines. The foremost thing is you must be skilled to use this tattoo machine.  

Rotary Machine

The attached needle on rotary machines is moved up and down by a spinning motor. This results in a much gentler entry into your skin than a coil would. Rotaries have the potential to reduce the time required for healing after getting a tattoo as a result.

This type has become popular among teens due to the less healing time and easy operation compared to the Rotary machine. But due to the inability to adjust large needle clusters and a coil, these machines are less desirable for shading and precision but work well for lining and adding color.

Which is the best?

There is no way to select the best. Both have ups as well as downs. Traditional tattooists select the Rotary machine due to its Power and accuracy. Some tattooists prefer the Rotary due to its easy usage and various inking styles. But some like them depending on the situation. 

Top tattoo machines

No matter it is a Coiled machine or a Rotary machine. The final output should be perfect. So here are some of my favorite Coiled machines and Rotary machines. 

Favorite coiled machines. 

Bishop Big Sleeps X

This machine was invented with the collaboration of Big Sleeps and Bishop, who have been among the best artists since 1980. The specialty of this machine is larger needle grouping and performing heavy work like color blocking and shading. Also, this can make an all-purpose liner by reducing the machine’s voltage. 

Ghost Dog Shader Hybrid

Adam Ciferrai invented this machine. The easy handling and the machines lightweight prove the importance of Adam’s tattooing Experience for 20 years. Also, the other specialty of this machine is you must be able to verify that you are a genuine tattooist to purchase this machine.

HM Tattoo Machines Mini Dietzel Powerliner

This machine was created by Roman of Magic Tattoos, a top supplier in the market having over 20 years of experience. Since it works best with size 7 needles and higher, making it ideal for longer tattooing sessions, this machine is best for heavy-duty shading. 

Micky Sharpz Brass Hybrid Tattoo Machine

Put the best characteristics of many machines together to create this one. It functions incredibly smoothly, which makes inking much simpler. It is also best known for easy and little maintenance. It’s great for shading and lining and works incredibly well for block inking and coloring.

Favorite Rotary Machines

Spektra Edge X 

This leading Rotary has an “adjustable stroke,” which, to put it simply, enables more versatility in how the machine is used. As already mentioned, this would need a very skilled tattooist who is entirely familiar with how their machine operates and knows how to modify it to tailor the tattoo they are working on. It’s undoubtedly one of the best rotaries available when combined with ease of use and easy maintenance.

Vlad Blad Irons

These are extremely powerful and fast rotaries. These can be used in various artistic fashions, including traditional realism, dotwork, linework, block color, shading, and many more. These are some of the most highly versatile machines on the market because they can handle all types of needle groupings up to a magnum 35.

Infinite Irons Roller Rotary

This antique Rotary specializes in shading and delicate lining and outlining. 

Cheyenne Hawk Pen

This is the most popular brand among tattooists throughout the world. Due to its high precision, this Rotary is ideal for fine lines, filling, dotwork, linework, shading, and much more. It gives the artist power and works beautifully for shading and color blocking. The simplicity of use and maintenance of this device is another reason for its popularity.

Tattoo Needles

Some say that the tattoo needles are the same as those used in syringes for vaccination. But the inking needles (needles used to make tattoos) are specially made only for tattoos. 

They are long, and only about 1-2 mms area extends out from the machine. Or it is how far into the skin should a tattoo needle penetrate? 

Meanwhile, there are various types of needles

Single needles

Single needles are typically used for precise work like lining, while Clusters are typically used for larger pieces, such as those requiring shading. The artist can ink over a larger area the more significant the cluster is. Needles can be grouped up to 41 times of various types, including liners and shaders, and can be curved or flat, magnum, round magnum, etc. — much like how different paintbrushes are shaped and used for various types of painting.


As the name implies, liners are a common type of needle used for lining. They come in various arrangements and forms, such as round liners with a single needle or a cluster of up to 11.

And remember that suitable needles decrease the discomfort you experience when getting tattooed. A skilled tattooist will know the ideal needles and groupings to use.

So, it is all about the machines related to tattooing machines. And remember that you should have good Aftercare practices to get the top look from your tattoo.


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