Is it safe to swim after getting your ears pierced? Yes, you can. How about if you can wait for at least 24 hours? But many professionals are advised not to swim until the piercings heal. If you can wait until the piercing heals, there is no risk of getting any infection. Remember that there is a high risk of bacteria in lakes and rivers.

When it deals with the sea though the risk for normal bacteria is low, there are types of salt-resistant bacteria. Still, if you need to swim, the below tips are for you on is it safe to swim after getting your ears pierced.


Swimming in freshwater.

The first thing to know is that you should swim in fresh water. Saltwater can irritate, and pools are usually chlorinated, which can be irritating. If you plan on going to the beach or swimming in ocean water, make sure it’s not salty!

If you decide to go swimming after getting your ears pierced, make sure there’s no chlorine in the pool or ocean water—and if there is any chlorine (like at a public pool), rinse yourself before entering again!

But if you’re worried about the safety of your piercing, there’s one thing to keep in mind: You can swim with new piercings. It’s a good idea to get in the water right away! It will help prevent infection and ensure that your ear piercing doesn’t get infected by bacteria on the pool floor.

However, if your eye starts looking red or swollen or painful as soon as you put on those new earrings—or even worse than this—get them out immediately!

Earrings can cause some irritation to new piercings.

Actually, is it safe to swim after getting your ears pierced? Swimming can be a fun activity, but it’s important to remember that you should not wear your earrings while swimming or in the shower. The water may be too cold for your ears, causing them to swell and become sore and irritated.

If you’re wearing a ring or other jewelry while swimming, it’s also possible that this piece might get caught on something while swimming—and if it gets caught on something hard enough, it could tear your piercing open! That’s why we recommend permanently removing any rings before entering the water, so they don’t get damaged by any potentially sharp objects found there (like rocks).

And if you want even more peace of mind when going in the water with those little dangling baubles attached right at their tips, make sure they’re not too heavy because otherwise, they’ll probably pull down onto whatever they’re hanging from like crazy!

If you don’t want to wear earrings immediately, it’s okay to wait until your ears are healed before putting them in them.

If you get a piercing at a piercing studio and want to swim immediately afterward, it’s okay!

This is because piercings are very delicate and cannot be cleaned properly except by professionals in clean rooms with sterile tools. 

Except for hand sanitizer, it would be beneficial to avoid applying soap or liquid to your piercings because water could worsen their condition.

You may experience some itching and healing discomfort while your ears heal up.

The hot water in the pool softens the injured area and hastens the healing process. If you are worried about an infection, ask your piercer if they recommend swimming before diving in with a pierced earlobe!

If your piercing becomes red, swollen, or painful, take out your earrings and call your doctor immediately!

You must call the doctor immediately if you feel something is wrong with your ear. Do not try to remove the earring yourself, as doing this can cause severe injury and damage. This remedy will help prevent further complications and speed up healing time if any do occur.

You can cover your new piercing with a waterproof bandage before swimming.

Is it safe to swim after getting your ears pierced

Wearing a wound-sealing waterproof bandage over the piercing is one method to cover the new ear piercing for swimming. Make sure the bandage is tight and completely covers the pierced area.

Finally, is it safe to swim after getting your ears pierced?You can swim in a pool or ocean, as long as you don’t go swimming in salt water and make sure to change out of your bathing suit immediately after getting out of the water. Earrings are fine to wear after your earlobes have healed up, but there may be some discomfort from wearing them for an extended period—so keep an eye on how much time it takes before any irritation sets in!

Swimming after getting your ears pierced is safe, but if your piercing starts looking infected and painful, remove the earring immediately and see a doctor.

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