Is it bad luck to get couple tattoos? Some tattoo artists believe that getting tattoos matched to your favorite person is unlucky. According to tattoo artists, couple of tattoos are the start of the end. Stay away from getting these tattoos if you’re religious or spiritual. Some tattoos have a universally negative perception, while others depend on location and culture.


Matching Couple Tattoos 

When a couple or close friends get couple tattoos, they express their affection and love for one another.

Couple Tattoos

They want to showcase their trust in one another and their friendship. This is a creative way to show your special someone how much you care.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get the same tattoo as your special someone close to you. First, you never know if your friendship or relationship will still be strong in a few months or years.

There may be some events in the future that will be the main reason for your breakup. What will you do with your couple’s tattoo after that? The main issue is that once you break up with your favorite person, it’s permanent, and you can’t change it or get rid of it. You might have to hide it eventually. Besides this, it requires a lot of pain and suffering to remove.

Before getting a matching tattoo, you should think about the following:

  • If you and your partner are considering getting matching tattoos, talk to them about it and give it some serious consideration.
  • Spend some time talking about this.
  • Both of you should only ever decide while the other is pressuring you to get a matching tattoo.
  • Please don’t rush into getting a tattoo with your favorite person because you might regret it immediately.
  • Bear in mind that friendships and relationships come to an end.
  • This situation affects everyone on the earth.
  • Consider that before getting a matching tattoo, in case you must go through this.
  • Pick a hidden place on your body for a matching tattoo. (You can place your matching tattoo somewhere else, like your chest, if you don’t want to display it).
  • Try to present it as incredibly simple and detailed.

Are matching couple tattoos a sign of bad luck?

In traditional Chinese culture, getting your name tattooed on yourself was considered to lead to marriage. Relationship tattoos can be challenging to remove. If you use laser therapy to get rid of the tattoo ink, you risk having dark marks on your skin for the rest of your life.

Upside Cross Tattoo

The most common meanings of the upside-down cross are those related to spirituality, irreligion, and magic. It is a common feature in horror films and heavy metal music and is connected to Evil.

The inverted cross has come to represent a rejection of Christianity. Many people consider it unlucky because it teases the righteous and good. Even though it’s a typical tattoo, some Christians still view it as unlucky.

Black Cat Tattoo

Couple Tattoos

When a black cat passes you, it is thought to be unlucky. This comes from pirate legend, where a cat leaving your sight was viewed as a warning sign. Additionally connected to witches and witchcraft are black cats.

Numerous black cat owners were charged with witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. The current beliefs against the little felines stem from believing witches can transform into black cats.

Broken Mirror Tattoo

A broken mirror will bring bad luck for seven years. A Roman belief holds that a mirror broken into larger pieces is even more unlucky than smaller shards. In India and Russia, looking in a cracked mirror is bad luck.

Many cultures claim that a person’s soul can be partially taken away by a mirror. The act of staring at your image in a mirror has the power to ruin your soul. The broken world may become a prison for your soul.

Couple tattoos

Evil eye Tattoo

According to popular belief, the evil eye will bring bad fortune to the receiver. This representation of envy derives from the idea that someone who succeeds or becomes famous will inspire envy in others. Their good fortune will be undone by the curse that will arise from their envy.

Anyone who dares to look at an evil eye tattoo will suffer bad luck, but it will protect you. Nevertheless, some people think getting an evil eye tattoo will make them unlucky.

People with blue and green eyes are believed to carry the evil eye curse. This is why evil eye tattoos are frequently blue.

Magpie Tattoo

Observing a single magpie in the UK is regarded as unlucky. “Good morning, Mr. Magpie – ” can help you overcome this. How is your wife today, sir? Respecting the negative will prevent bad luck from occurring.

In the Middle Ages, magpies were frequently seen collecting near hospitals, wars, and the public hanging, which is why they are connected to death. Magpies have a reputation for being thieving and stealing shiny, expensive items.

666 Number

The number 666 is frequently used as a warning sign. The number 666 goes with satan and is thought to draw Evil. In heavy metal and horror films, the mark of the beast—associated with evil and devil worship—is frequently mentioned.

Fans of the darker, morbid side of life frequently get this tattoo, but you might face criticism. Many people associate the wearer of this tattoo with the devil and consider them evil.

Valknut Tattoo

The rune known as the Valknut is also called the death knot. The Valknut is one of Odin’s symbols in Norse mythology and stands for death. Since this symbol is linked to death and the fallen in battle, it is regarded as unlucky.

According to the myth, getting a Valknut tattoo is the same as staying loyal to Odin, frequently resulting in the wearer’s violent demise. Consider what it means in mythology before getting this tiny geometric tattoo.

Inverted Horseshoe Tattoo

A universal sign of luck is a horseshoe. Only when the horseshoe is placed correctly does it have the ability to ward off the demon. When a horseshoe is shaped like a U, it is lucky. Inverted or upside-down objects can cause bad luck to emerge.

Unlucky is a horseshoe that resembles more than a horseshoe. Some think it’s lucky to place an inverted horseshoe over a door. Anyone who walks through this doorway will be lucky.

Umbrella tattoo

It’s a common superstition not to open an umbrella indoors. This originated in ancient Egypt when peacock feathers were used as sun protection by priests and royal family members. The sun god would become angry if these were used indoors, away from the sun’s rays.

Paragon frames with steel ribs were used to construct umbrellas during the Victorian era. Its ability to quickly expand due to the spring mechanism frequently made it dangerous. An umbrella tattoo can also represent lousy weather and the storms we experience.

Ladder tattoo

It is unlucky to cross under a ladder. The origin of this myth can be found in ancient Egypt, where a ladder against a wall created a pyramid. Walking through this shape would tear down its sacred nature.

Because one leg of the ladder rested against the crucifix, Christians associate it with death, wickedness, and betrayal. Criminals were made to cross a ladder as they made their way to death row in England.

Empty Chair Tattoo

In Irish mythology, an empty rocking chair is said to be a spirit’s open door. A common trope from horror films is an empty rocking chair that starts to move on its own.

Buying an empty rocking chair will bring bad luck into your home and expose you to evil spirits. Many enjoy purchasing an empty chair to symbolize sitting peacefully on their porch. In contrast, others enjoy commemorating their favorite horror film.

Broom Tattoo

Brooms are associated with bad luck in many ways and have various superstitions. In the past, those with clean hands were limited to using the temple’s brooms. Since then, every culture has had customs about how to sweep and when to use a broom.

Witches are also associated with brooms. Many people think that they travel on broomsticks while carrying their black cats. If you’re considering getting a broom tattoo, think about which way it faces and never get one in a doorway.

Owl Tattoos

Some cultures believe owls to be unlucky. They are nighttime, silent animals, which explains why. Owls are revered as wise creatures in other societies. They can bring wisdom and wealth because they are spiritual protectors and guides. In general, owls are viewed as wise rather than unlucky.

Green Colour Tattoos

Green is considered unlucky in China because it is linked to extramarital sex. A man with a green hat is believed to have an unfaithful wife. The color green is regarded as unlucky in the USA and the UK. Given that the color of the poisonous arsenic is green, this is assumed to be the case.

Raccoon Tattoos

According to Navajo legend, a raccoon, while traveling, is unlucky. Always turn your back to avoid bad karma if you come across one while traveling.

Now it is your Turn to share your personal opinions with us. The above data will be helpful before getting your next tattoo done. 


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