Incorrect Nose Piercing Placement – Introduction

Incorrect Nose Piercing Placement

Nose piercings are one of thpe most popular body modifications. They’re simple, safe, and they can look great on everyone. But there are many different ways to pierce your nose–and not all of them are correct! In this post, we’ll explore how to correctly place your nose piercings so that they look great and last longer.

How to measure your piercing:

Piercing too far forward

Piercings too far forward can cause your nose to be too long, wide and short. This can make you look like a cartoon character or animal. The placement of the piercing in your facial structure is very important. If it’s not done properly, it could become painful and uncomfortable for you later on down the road when you’re trying to sleep at night or wearing glasses during the daytime!

They are not piercing at all.

If you need more clarification about the placement of your nose piercing, ask. You can always go back later and change it if you decide that’s what you want.

If someone tells you they know more than one person who has had their nose pierced in the same place as yours and that they’ve never heard of anyone having problems with it before (or even worse: if they tell me I’m wrong), I want to throw up all over their shoes! There are many different ways to get a piercing done; don’t trust anyone who says these things because, most likely, those people need to be qualified enough or have been doing this long enough so that their opinions matter anymore anyway…

Piercing at too low an angle

Piercing at too low an angle can cause problems with the cartilage. If you have a hole in your nose and want to fix it, ensure you are piercing at a proper angle. If you’re unsure what this means, ask someone who owns their piercing studio—they’ll know!

Piercing at too low an angle will also affect how well your skin heals after it heals. The most common reason people get infections after getting piercings is that they pierced themselves without taking care of their skin first; this happens when they pierce themselves too close together or into different areas than where they should have been pierced (such as near the ear).

Piercing at too high an angle can cause problems with your hearing as well: If there isn’t enough room around each ear canal for sound waves coming out from inside those holes, then no matter how loud we try playing music through headphones while lying down on one side while holding onto our ears tightly as this person does here in order not only prevent hearing loss but also prevent any kind whatsoever–even though some people might disagree with me on this point since there’s still plenty more left unsaid about why exactly these tips might work better than others do…

Piercing too high an angle

The angle of your piercing should be at least 30 degrees from the horizontal. It should also be at least 30 degrees from vertical, and if you have a cartilage piercing, that is even more important because it’s close to 90 degrees off of vertical. You can use this rule of thumb: if you can see yourself in a mirror when brushing your teeth or shaving your legs with a razor blade on top of them, you won’t want to be poking yourself with anything sharp!

Understand the proper placement of your nose piercings.

Your nose piercing should be placed at the very tip of your nose. This is because it’s a delicate procedure, and if you don’t get it right the first time, there are no second chances. The best way to ensure that you’ve placed your piercing correctly is by having an experienced professional do it.

You can also ask for help from someone who has already pierced their nose before—that way, they’ll know exactly how far up from where we want our piercings going about each other.

Incorrect Nose Piercing Placement


We hope this article has given you some insight into what proper placement looks like so that when it comes time for your next piercing, you can give yourself the best possible experience.

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