How many piercings does Jungkook have? Here is the gossiping time. I’m not too fond of the BTS ARMY. But piercing is my passion. Due to my keenness for piercing, I decided to find a guy with nine piercings. So, let’s dive more and see the exciting stories about Jungkook.


Who is Jungkook?

Jung kook or Jeon Jung-kook was born in 1st of September,1997. He is one of the founding members of the BTS ( Bangtan Boys)band. “Begin” (2016), “Euphoria” (2018), and “My Time” (2020) are three all-time favorite songs of many people by him. Also, their performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony was one of the significant milestones of his musical journey. This guy has always been experimental with his style.

Jungkook’s styling way

Jungkook is always trying to make new trends. And at the same time, he is also a tattoo and piercing lover. as a result; he made his first tattoo in 2019. The word “ARMY” on his knuckles, a heart, a crown, and the letter “J” was among the tattoos Jungkook first saw styling in September 2019.


After September 2019, he was photographed with several tattoos on his arm, including the Nirvana line “Rather be dead than cool” and a skeleton hand making the “I love you” sign. Although it is challenging to verify every tattoo on Jungkook, it is simpler to see where he has been pierced.

How many piercings does Jungkook have?

Not only has tattoos, but he also has piercings. People recognize him as the most pierced member of BTS. He has around ten piercings. The ten comes like this: four piercings in the left ear lobe, three piercings in the right ear lobe, one lip piercing and two helix piercings in the upper right ear. These piercings are not noticeable because he does not wear jewelry in every piercing all the time.

He doesn’t usually wear jewelry in every single hole simultaneously, so it is hard to tell how many piercings he has in his ears. According to records, he got his left ear pierced in July 2019. And the latest piercing is lip piercing.  

Does Jungkook have Eyebrow piercings?

Many BTS fans and Jungkook fans question whether he has an Eyebrow piercing. He was first spotted wearing it when “Butter” was in style, but he later admitted it was simply a sticker. Later, ARMY started to show signs of suspicion once more. Jungkook eventually admitted that he had finally had the piercing done since he had grown weary of applying and removing the sticker.

Other piercings of Jungkook.

There are undoubtedly many new piercings that Jungkook has acquired recently, but certain ARMY members believe there may be even more than we are aware of.

Having your tongue pierced is one of these. While some claimed to have seen a silver ball in his mouth at one of his live coverage, others demanded it was simply saliva.

His nipple piercings have been the subject of the most recent controversy. He’s been sporting many see-through t-shirts lately, and occasionally it looks like he may have a piercing there. But again, nothing is confirmed. It might also be a microphone.


It is all about Jungkook and his piercings. And also about “How many piercings does Jungkook have?”You might be a BTS ARMY fan. or else you might be a piercing lover like me. What so ever, I think this article was essential for you.

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