1-10 how much does an industrial piercing hurt

“How badly does an industrial piercing hurt” is today’s topic. We discussed ear piercings earlier. So, this industrial piercing is also an ear piercing that comes under cartilage piercing. 


What is industrial piercing? 

This industrial piercing trend was so popular in the last decade. The vast popularity of industrial piercings may be due to their look. Also, these industrial piercings are edgier than the standard cartilage piercings. And the other unique thing about these industrial piercings is the jewelry is prominent and visible. 

How badly does an industrial piercing hurt? 

When it comes to piercing, the term that automatically comes to our mind is pain .” This industrial piercing hurts little more than the other types of cartilage piercings. But when pain is less when compared with the piercings in the other sensitive areas. Another thing to remember is that though it is like one piercing, two piercings are done simultaneously in industrial piercing. 

Before moving further, let me divide the pain into two sections.

  1. Initial pain – Initial pain is like a hard pinch. This initial pain is sharp. Also, there is some pain created when the jewelry is pushed. Additionally, industrial piercing takes more time since two holes are being made. The initial discomfort should subside after about a minute or two, which is how long it takes to pierce two holes and thread the jewelry through them.
  2. Pain when healing – This pain tends to be less intense but can be persistent and throbbing. The aftercare stage may result in pain that lingers throughout the recuperation process.

How long does an industrial piercing hurt?

The basic fact is the initial pain of the cartilage piercing stays longer than the other piercing types. This initial pain is because the needle must pass thicker, more complex tissue. The healing process for this piercing typically takes 6 to 8 months. However, the most painful healing side effects should disappear in under a month.

Many people find it difficult to sleep with industrial piercings. Even after fully healing, cartilage piercings like this can occasionally recur and become painful and inflamed. You can lessen the pain by keeping the piercing clean and avoiding injury.

1-10 how much does an industrial piercing hurt

1-10 how much does an industrial piercing hurt

I’d rate the finished product an 8.5 out of 10. when inserting the jewelry, and then 6/7. I, however, felt only a slight burning sensation after she screwed it on. Since I had it done a month ago, there has been no discomfort. Unless I accidentally hit it or tugged on it and could not sleep on that side for two to three weeks.

Summary of how badly an industrial piercing hurt

On a final note, Many people claim that getting an industrial piercing causes moderate pain during healing. Even so, if this style suits you best, it shouldn’t stop you from purchasing one. An industrial piercing is fantastic for those who want their piercing to be visible.

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