How bad would conch piercing hurt? Today we are going to know the answers to this question. But before investigating the answer to this question, let’s know what Conch piercing is.

How bad would conch piercing hurt


What is conch piercing? 

Simply many call the Conch piercing an ear piercing. But for me, it is a trend of unique ear piercings. Conch piercing is placed in the middle of the ear. But this varies with the type of ear. With the shape of the ear, the piercing might be an inner Conch piercing or an outer Conch piercing.

What are the types of Conch piercings? 

As mentioned above, there are mainly two types of Conch piercings. They are Inner Conch piercing and Outer Conch Piercing. Inner Conch piercing makes the piercing on the middle of the ear. But in Outer Conch, piercing is done at the outer cartilage near the edge of the ear. This outer piercing is also known as flat piercing.

What are Ear piercings?  

Ear Piercing can be categorized as Daith piercing, Targus Piercing, Anti-Tragus piercing, and Rook piercing.

Daith piercingIt is believed that Daith Piercing can relieve the pain of migraine.
Conch piercingThere are two types of Conch piercings outer conch and inner conch piercing.  
Targus Piercing  This piercing is unique. It is elegant. It is a small cartilage stud with a flat black.
Anti-Tragus piercing  This piercing is simply a lobe piercing.
Rook piercing.    The rook piercing is an excellent example of snug piercing. It is done in the folded cartilage and above the daith.
How bad would conch piercing hurt

What are double Conch and Triple Conch?

Both these double Conch and triple Conch deal with the middle ear. Depending on the preference, we can arrange our piercings horizontally or vertically.

So, before getting your first Conch pierced, decide whether to do or not you want more than one Conch pierced so that you can design your conch cluster. You should only get one at a time to streamline your aftercare.

How bad would Conch piercing hurt?

Now it is time to find the answer to our question, “How bad would Conch piercing hurt.” It is not painful like the other cartilage piercings. The pain level depends on the person and skin sensitivity. The most important thing to remember is the Conch is the thickest part of the ear. So there is no offense that Conch piercings hurt more than the other ear piercings.

I just compared the pain level of the Conch piercing with the other ear

piercings. So let me share it with you.

  • Daith Piercing 2/10
  • Conch Piercing 4/10
  • Targus Piercing 6/10
  • Anti Targus Piercing 6/10
  • Rook Piercing 5/10

However, since the piercing removes tissue to create a giant hole, a dermal punch, which enables you to wear earrings with a larger gauge, may be painful. Even when you are not wearing jewelry, a permanent dermal punch mark is left behind.

Why get a Conch piercing done?

I suggest you get this done due to its variety of jewelry options. Conch piercing is widespread these days, regardless of the style you choose to wear.

With a Conch piercing, you can choose from a wide selection of jewelry. In addition to the option of an inner or outer piercing, there are numerous jewelry styles available.

Also, these ear piercings are so incredible that it is visible to others. This means the first impression is so good. And the last thing is Conchs are the trend nowadays.

 I suggest you again spend a few dollars (around $35 to $70) to be more remarkable and trendy.

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