A wrench is a type of tool. But when it comes to tattoo making, Wrench Tattoos are popular designs worldwide. They come in various sizes, designs, and shapes and can be drawn on any body part.

Wrench tattoos are a symbol of love and respect for tools. Or else, it’s a way of showing gratitude to the career that saves our life. This also indicates someone’s passion for the maintenance industry. Due to the individuals working in the mechanical field, these tattoos became popular during the 2000s’. 


History of Wrench tattoos 

As we said earlier, Wrench tattoos were the most needed and common trend in the late 1990s and 2000s since the wrench was just a tool used in mechanical works. 

Because modern tattooing techniques made modern wrench tattoos immensely more popular in the 21st century, people have been inking wrenches on their bodies since the 19th and 20th centuries. Workers, mechanics, and hobbyists have used the wrench as an essential tool for centuries.

It should therefore come as there is no surprise that wrench tattoos have remained popular among mechanics and workers since the 19th century.

Meaning of this tattoo

These tattoos mainly symbolize the mechanical field’s value, respect, and gratitude. Also, some use them to show where they belong. In other words, for some people, this is a way of exposing their career life or interests to society. Here are some other common meanings of these tattoos.

  • Show respect for tools in general.
  • Symbolize effort, development, and success
  • Also shows a passion for manual labor, making things by hand, and fixing things.
  • A wrench is frequently linked to creativeness, strength, a desire to fix things, intelligence, and excellent work.

Wrench tattoos are simple. They have Straightforward and cool designs. They are unique. 


  • The majority of wrench tattoos are made with black ink I
  • Include open-ended, combination, and adjustable wrenches. 
  • Due to the tool’s versatility, the adjustable wrench is arguably the most common type depicted in tattoos.
  • The level of detail found in various wrench tattoos is another way that they vary. 
  • Some representations of the tool are simple sketches, while others are finely detailed, including the manufacturer and model number.


  • There are many unique types and styles of wrench tattoos. Some tattoos are straightforward sketches with just a single wrench; others are more complicated and include roses, skulls, chains, flowers, pistons, hands, etc.
  • The size of the drawn wrench will determine how large or small these tattoos are.
  • While larger tattoos can cover a larger area, smaller ones may fit into smaller spaces on the body.

Where to do 

can use any body part to do these tattoos depending on the size and design. 

  • Biceps or the upper arm
  • Across the shoulders
  • Across the chest (larger ones cover the whole upper portion of the chest)
  • On the arms (on the backside and the inside)
  • Within the wrist (on the back or the side)
  • On the thigh and lower leg (Less popular)
Tattooing techniques

Wrenches are and have been for many years, handy tools. Despite being straightforward and essential tools, they enable us to construct, design and maintain more sophisticated inventions. Because of a wrench’s strength, adaptability, and usefulness, people who want to show their respect for this tool and honor it frequently get wrench tattoos.


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