Labret piercing commonly refers to lips. The labret piercing is just a single puncture, and it is quickly pierced with a needle.

A wide range of jewelry designs, from the reasonably obvious labret stud to hoops and curved barbells, can be worn to customize this look. The popularity of this piercing is a result of its adaptability; frequently, people combine their Labret with other lip piercings to produce brand-new piercing designs like a dolphin or snake bites.


About the pain. 

Lip piercing is more painful than other types of piercing. In terms of lip piercing, the pain scale for the labret piercing is on the low end, something around 4/10.

As The lips and skin around the lips have numerous nerve endings, lip piercings, in general, are more painful than other piercing types. The vertical Labret, which pierces the lip directly, is more painful than other lip piercings because of its location.

You won’t notice any pain for long because the labret piercing only needs one puncture.

As your body starts healing, you should expect swelling and throbbing in the first few days following the piercing.

During this time, keep an eye on the piercing; if the swelling persists or you experience excessive bleeding or pain, it may be an infection.

Healing process

When it talks about the healing, it takes around 6 – weeks: which is pretty much quicker when compared to Other types. 

Aftercare routines

You need to know that it depends on how you care.  

You will need to monitor your piercing well past the recommended 8-week healing time because the inside of the piercing takes longer to heal.

Here is an extra fact: Your piercer will initially insert a larger labret stud to accommodate swelling. The jewelry could become embedded in the skin if the labret stud is too tiny, necessitating invasive medical procedures to remove it. As the piercing heals, watch out that your jewelry doesn’t press against it.

You should be concerned about maintaining good healthcare routines in advance. Since the Labret is situated around the mouth, what we eat and drink, saliva and other things in the mouth may cause health risks. So, aftercare practices should be done thoroughly.

Here are some tips and tricks that you should add to your daily routine:

What to apply to your face:

Be careful about what you apply to your face. Infections can be brought on by makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, and lipstick getting stuck in the piercing. If you must use these products, keep a safe distance from the piercing and thoroughly wash your face before bed.

What to eat

Be careful when you are eating. The jewelry is particularly prone to chewing because of where the Labret is located, which can break your front teeth. During the first few weeks, you’ll need to wear a big labret stud, so you’ll need to be extra cautious.

You’ll need to be careful while learning how to chew around your new piercing because larger jewelry, such as hoops and circular barbells, will pose an additional hazard once you’re healed. Also, be sure not to eat more acidic and spicy food as it may cause some infections with the stud if the food gets contacted with food. Be calm, as no food in the mouth will be infectious.

Oral hygiene

Maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. Every meal should be followed by brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Keep your mouth clean because it might be your worst enemy while recovering.

Avoid touching anything other than the piercing. Sorry, no kissing or oral play while you heal. This also applies to your fingers, scarves, other people’s lips, and even your blankets or pillowcases. Make sure your pillowcase is clean every night if you sleep on your stomach, or cover your pillow with a fresh T-shirt.

Adverse effects of a Labret 

  • Any jewelry you wear will slightly rub against your gums and teeth because the labret piercing is below the lower lip. This can result in problems like a receding gum line, enamel wear that can cause tooth decay, and in rare instances, the jewelry backing can push up against your teeth and cause them to drift and become crooked.
  • If you are affected by gums and tooth decay problems, a Labret piercing is not for you. You should consult your piercer or a dentist about whether you should keep wearing your labret piercing if you notice that the jewelry rubs against your teeth and gums frequently after getting one. Other fashion comes after oral health.

About the cost

Labret piercings can cost in the range of $20 to $1200. Price should be something other than a deciding factor in where you get your Labret pierced. To get a quality piercing, look for a professional. Unskilled piercers might use dangerous equipment, the wrong technique, or pierce you in the wrong place. Avoid taking a chance and choose experience over money.

Labret variations

Fashion has no end. There is a variation of Labret piercings. So it is necessary to follow your fashion trend there as no one can stop you. Here are some of the styles you can follow.

Side Labret Piercing

Once you hear the name, you can get that the puncture is placed to the right or left of the center of the lip. But the Labret is now pierced on the side. When planning to change one’s Labret into another piercing, such as dolphin or snake bites, people frequently opt for the side labret piercing.

Low-Bret Piercing

This piercing is also centered beneath the lip but positioned as low as the lip will require. Since it provides extra room to stretch the piercing, this variation is popular among extreme body moderators.

However, you can still wear a straight labret stud in this style without pursuing significant modifications. Because of its location, you should be aware that this piercing will rub against your gum line more than a standard labret piercing.

Labret Piercing

Jewelry styles of Labret piercing

Now it is time to know about the jewelry options that you can follow.

Labret Flat Back Earring

The labret stud (flat back earring) is quite popular in a labret piercing. Flat-back studs are most frequently used for labret piercings to prevent rubbing on your teeth and gums. They have a small, smooth disc backing.

The best choice is internally threaded or push-pin posts because they don’t have coarse threads that pass through your piercing and might harm it. You can opt for sizable beads and charms or a daintier gemstone for a more understated appearance.

Labret Captive Bead Rings

These captive rings range in style from simple to stunning. They come in various materials and can be richly decorated with shiny gemstones, geometrical designs, etc. They are equally as beautiful as the hanging-down version. The simpler pieces in this collection are ideal for daily wear.

Labret Seamless Rings

Seamless rings are an excellent choice for a more understated hoop appearance. The seamless style enables you to get a hoop that rests flush against your skin, presenting a thin line that wraps around your lip and adds some style without overpowering your face.

Labret Circular Barbell

You can choose between the circular barbell and the curved barbell if you prefer the appearance of beads. The curved barbell will sit wider around your lip and provide a similar aesthetic to the vertical Labret without requiring two puncture points. In contrast, the circular barbell will almost completely encircle your lip and position the end balls close to one another.

Now you can choose to do or not do. But remember to share your feelings and thoughts about the Labret piercing.


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