Christina’s Piercing is vertical! Let me explain to you this lovely piercing style. Even after we heard the word, we understand that this Christina piercing style is for girls.


What is Christina Piercing? 

The Christina is a vertical piercing situated on the pubic mound where the outer labia meet. It is usually a good alternative for those with a hood or inner labia too small for piercing, especially those with a “meatier” pubic mound. It typically requires a well-pronounced “fold” to be considered a viable piercing. However, it frequently behaves more like a surface piercing, even with a good lip of skin to pierce. This is why some can be sensitive, takes a long time to heal, and is frequently vulnerable to rejection.

Pieces of jewelry that are used.

L bar or Christina bar is the favorite type of jewelry used for this piercing. This jewelry is practical for this particular location. Primarily, it has an “L” bend on one side and a straight post on the other it makes. Unlike most other vulva piercings, this one tends to be visible while standing with the outer labia closed, so adding a gem to the top can make for a striking appearance.

About the healing time

It takes around nine to ten months to get fully healed. Compared to a clitoral hood piercing, healing is much more similar to a navel piercing. Because the piercing is prone to irritation, face-to-face sex that exerts pressure should be avoided until healing.

Things to be done for aftercare

They stickily warn not to be involved in face-to-face sex until the place is healed completely.

If you can rinse the place with saline water, it is a good practice as with this piercing, salt-water (simply sweat) soaks can be challenging to manage unless you’re taking a full bath.

One or more surface anchors on the pubic mound may be an option for people not anatomically suited for a Christina piercing.

Still, these can also be challenging to heal and are even harder to shave around!

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