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The hand tattoo trend is exclusively popular among the youth. Second, only to the face, the hand is the most ideal and personal place on your body to get an eye-catching tattoo. Needless to say, how visible a hand tattoo is to the other unless you wear long sleeves or gloves. That is why you need to choose wisely the tattoo that you are going to have. 

As a precaution, many experts do not recommend hand tattoos for ink virgins. And also, you need to know that finger tattoos and hand tattoos are prone to fading and blowout unlike shoulder tattoos and other tattoos. When you are using vibrant colours, it means there are going to be multiple retouches. That is why you have to get a hand tattoo only when you are ready for that.

So, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you go and get yourself a hand tattoo. This article is going to guide you on how to choose the best tattoo, the newest hand tattoo designs, the most unique and stylish tattoo designs in 2022 and answers to the frequently asked questions on hand tattoos. 


Hand Tattoo History  

The history of Tattoos runs back to the Neolithic times. The oldest wrist tattoo was noticed on the 5,300-year-old mummy of a European Tyrolean Iceman who had 57 tattoos over his body. Given that, hand tattoo culture has been famous in the past among tribal people around the world. Today, there are many hand tattoo patterns not only for the arm but also for the fingers, wrist, forearm and inner arms. We have a list of tattoo options for you. 

1. Skull Hand Tattoo

2. Traditional Hand Tattoo

3. Small Hand Tattoo for Women

4. Henna-Inspired Hand Tattoo

5. Fierce Hand Tattoo

6. Heart Hand Tattoo

7. Dragon Eye Hand Tattoo

8. Star Tattoo for The Hand

9. Floral Hand Tattoo

10. Scary Hand Tattoo

11. Feather Hand Tattoo

12. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

13. Japanese Hand Tattoo

14. Heartbeat Hand Tattoo

15. Rose Hand Tattoos

16. Animal Hand Tattoos

17. Lion Hand Tattoos

18. Minimal Hand Tattoos

19. Quote Hand Tattoos

20. Compass Hand Tattoos

So, go through each tattoo description and see what is best for you. Let us start with the famous skull hand tattoo.

  1. Skull Hand Tattoo

Nowadays, the skull hand tattoo is a fairly common tattoo requested by teenagers and young adults. This particular tattoo covers the entire upper palm and may contain decorations such as animals, flowers or one’s favourite quote. Skull tattoos look more realistic and imaginative. Depending on the skull design, these skull tattoos can represent several things. This tattoo is a perfect match for the fair-skinned and is often done in basic black ink. 

2. Traditional Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is popular among women. The design comes in bold colours like red, yellow and black. Traditional tattoo designs are a great idea for one’s upper palm. This type of tattoo looks great on fair to medium skin colours.

3. Small Geometric Hand Tattoo for Women

Some ink virgins trying their first time choose small tattoos on their fingers. Hence these small tattoo designs are minimalistic, pretty and experimental as well. They appear as contemporary and highly attention-getting. Hence, it makes a fine choice for hand tattoos for the fair-skinned once done in black.

4. Henna-Inspired Hand Tattoo

This hand tattoo finds its inspiration from the Mehendi art popular among Asian women. This appealing forearm tattoo contains semi-circular motifs, mandalas, and other abstract patterns in black or brown ink. This hand tattoo is suitable for dusky and medium skin tones.

5. Fierce Hand Tattoo

Fierce Hand Tattoo suits for the back of your hand. A rough tiger portrait gives a “back off!” vibe to your haters. You can use any colour that pleases you and this tattoo is good for fair or medium skin tones.

6. Heart Hand Tattoo

Heart Hand Tattoo appears as a tiny and delicate heart tattoo on your finger in a minimalistic line drawing. It suits any age group irrespective of gender. Tattoo artists use jet black ink for this tattoo for any skin type.

7. Dragon Eye Hand Tattoo

China is a marvelous homeland for dragon culture. These mystic fire-breathing creatures often symbolize power and magic. People with bold personalities find a great combination with Dragon Eye-hand tattoo. The suitable colours for this tattoo range from vibrant colours while electric green and teal blue do the best. Both fair-skinned and medium-skin tones can try this hand tattoo. 

8. Star Tattoo for The Hand

Star tattoos are common but pretty cute tattoos chosen by both men and women. Friends and lovers choose stars as twin tattoos as a testament to their relationship. They are a fine sight when inked on the sides of the hand and fingers. Often, they are inked in black and look perfect on dusky skin tones. 

9. Floral Tattoo

Many people have floral tattoos on their thumbs or fingers with pastel hues or black. Any skin type goes well with floral tattoos and it acts meaningful and cute at the same time. When choosing a flower, you have many options related to flowers. It can be the flower of your birth month, the one preferred by your loved one or the characteristic of the particular flower. 

10. Scary Hand Tattoo

Horror is kind of fascination to some of you, I bet. Scary Hand Tattoo is a good choice for the lower half of your hand no matter which skin tone you belong to. These tattoos contain characters, especially from horror movies and they look perfect and attention-gaining. Going for black ink and subtle pink with white highlights is recommended.

11. Feather Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is famous among each age group. The feather hand tattoo looks simple but graceful. It will look perfect if you place it on the lower half of your thumb. Surely, you can use any colour you like to get this tattoo. But only a black shading can make it shine and embossed. 

12. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This tattoo goes with multiple colours and multiple skin tones. As the butterfly symbolises freedom, hope, happiness and other forms of optimism, many people happen to choose butterfly tattoos. You can place this hand tattoo on the back of your hand.

13. Japanese Hand Tattoos

Japanese tattoos represent a separate body of tattoo designs. These tattoos are also known as Irezumi tattoos. These tattoos contain mythical beasts, flowers, leaves, and other designs from mythical stories and myths. Japanese designs are also a good choice for a hand tattoo. 

14. Heartbeat Hand Tattoo

This tattoo is also a common and popular design. It is ideal for lovers to show their affection to each other’s partner. Heart as always, symbolizes love and proximity, warmth and liveliness. The pattern of heartbeat further highlights the liveliness and personal bonds. This is a small tattoo much favoured by women. However, this design is appropriate for both genders irrespective of their skin tones. It is better when you get this inked on the side of your hand either using one colour or multiple colours. 

15. Rose Hand Tattoos

These tattoos are frequently used in body art. The reason is that they are visually attractive and meaningful at the same time. This tattoo is suitable for any gender with any skin type. The bloom is a popular option because of its flexibility. It is typically linked with love, beauty, and fresh beginnings. 

16. Animal Hand Tattoos

I have seen people have animal tattoos dedicated to their lost pets. The connection between you and your loved puppy will be stronger than you ever could imagine. Not only puppies but there are also many animal designs owing to their popularity in the tattoo world. There are numerous options for you to have a domestic or a wild animal as an animal hand tattoo. The choice between the two categories can be determined according to the message you want to express.

17. Lion Hand Tattoos

The lion is the king of the animal kingdom. His royal and fearless nature attribute him a crown unseen. Hence, the lion tattoo is a mark of pride and an echo of a roar. These tattoos symbolize power, strength, bravery and royalty etc. however, the meaning differs depending on how the lion tattoo is designed. So, a lion tattoo is a perfect match for a personality with bold and loyal attributes.

18. Minimal Hand Tattoos

Minimal tattoos are especially suitable for the ones who get a tattoo for the first time. Minimal or less detailed tattoos are simple but impressive tattoos. The minimal quality is the unique feature that makes that tattoo eye-catching. 

19. Quote Tattoos

Quote tattoo is a popular trend as people love to show their passions in a quote. If you are planning to have a quote tattoo, you can go for song lyrics, a word, a word of wisdom or a motivational quote. Often these tattoos are seen in black ink.

20. Compass Tattoos

The compass tattoo is a favorite among navy officers, sailors and fisherman.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hand Tattoo Issues

Does it hurt when I get a hand tattoo?

In general, hand tattoos are placed on the palm and the fingers, the top of the hand, the side of the hand, the knuckles and the full hand. It may be painful to have a hand tattoo whichever place is mentioned here. Especially when it comes to ink virgins, having their first tattoo can be painful. Because of the thin skin in and the numerous nerve endings, there can be hurt by the tattoo needle. If you are still uncertain about whether to get a hand tattoo or not, you may start with a small tattoo and see. Most importantly, make sure you talk to the tattoo artist and inform him about it before the process. 

How long does a hand tattoo last?

Unlike tattoos on other parts of your body, hand tattoos tend to fade quicker (within the first 6 to 12 months) because hands are often exposed to sunlight and washed frequently. Besides, the skin on your hand is subject to continuous change. However, you can still have a permanent tattoo no matter if it fades with time. However, you can have touch-ups for long-lasting freshness in your hand tattoo.

Is hand tattoo not professional?

In reality, some tattoo artists refuse to do tattoo designs on hands. This is because they are visible to anybody and the tattoo design flashes a quick impression to others regarding the person who has the tattoo on his hand. Some parts of the world still maintain strict practices regarding tattoos and hand tattoos. In Japan, several employers do not wish to recruit people having tattoos. As tattoos have a significant impact on one’s professional life, not all tattoo artists approve of hand tattoos.  

Do hand tattoos affect jobs?

At some point yes. But not always. In several countries, tattoos are still considered unprofessional. But in many cases, hand tattoos have become more acceptable and they do not deprive one’s ability to get a job.

What are the places hand tattoos are designed?

A person with tattoos on his full hand
  1. Top of the hand
  2. Side of the hand
  3. Palm tattoos
  4. Full hand
  5. Fingers
  6. Knuckles tattoos

Why Hand Tattoos Are Good?

Inside a Tattoo shops

Firstly, a tattoo is a representation of your personality. But having a hand tattoo or any other tattoo is not that easy. Detailed tattoo designs need to be scrutinised as the patient work of a tattoo artist. For a safe and lasting tattoo, you need to choose an experienced and skilled tattoo artist with sanitized tools and a clean studio. Even after getting the tattoo, it is necessary to take precautions to prevent infection.

Are hand tattoos expensive?

The answer depends on the artist and the tattoo shop you choose. However, the price range for hand tattoos will span from 100$ to 500$ depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo as well. 

Does a hand tattoo swell?

In many cases, the answer is yes. They can swell for up to a week. However, the duration may differ according to the size and the location of the tattoo. 

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