Bridge Piercing is piercing the bridge, not the nose. But this Bridge piercing is done at the beginning of the nose. So don’t get messed up. This part is also known as Erl. Here, a horizontal bar is inserted across the bridge. This is also goes under the Surface Piercing Category. The crucial thing is as the place is not much fleshy, the risk of rejection is high.


Famous Myths

Many say that bridge piercing is done with the eye. No offense. This is a myth. No one does a bride piercing to eyes. Though it is so close to the eye, there is no connection with the eye. This piercing cannot disturb your sight. If someone says there is a disturbance with the sight after doing this, get away from that person. 

Pain and Time for Healing

According to some talented piercers, The pain differs from one to another. Also, they say that it is not easy or not suitable to narrow down the pain level. But this bridge piercing is not that painful compared to other types. More likely, you experience a little discomfort.

From all the above, we can get to a conclusion. That is though the pain is high, the pain is bearable. According to my experience, if the margin of the pain is 10, the pain of the bridge piercing is like 7/10. As we are dealing with cartilage, the pain is slightly higher than the other types. 

When it called for the healing time, it was around 12 – 14 weeks. Many say it takes ten weeks to heal the soft tissues and another 2 – 4 weeks to heal the inner tissues. Also, the time depends on the aftercare practices. 

So, in my case, it took 13 weeks to recover totally. I even changed my jewelry after 13 weeks.  


As I always say, quality work costs more, and experience costs more. A combination of both Quality work along with experience makes it expensive.  

Once a salon rep said that this costs around 30$. But that parlor needed to be in better condition. As I went through finding the best, I got my thing done in Titanium for 60$

Every shop will charge a different amount for piercings, but you should be ok if you pay between $40 and $70 and do your research. The primary price factor will be the jewelry.

Aftercare tips

I know that now this is so common to you. But be sure to read the following too. For your ease, I’ll point them out without further explanations. 

  • Keep the pierced area free of foreign substances.
  • No makeup, Facewash, and chemical-contained hair products are allowed during the initial healing time
  • Be sure to keep the pierced area clean
  • Don’t play with the ornament. 
  • Daily use soft, warm salted water to clean the pierced area. 

Side Effects


After the initial piercing, you’ll probably feel some swelling and tenderness, which Doctor says could “last a few months.” If you take good care of yourself, the pain and swelling should disappear.

Allergic Conditions

The use of the incorrect metal can have this side effect. As a result of nickel, gold, and silver sensitivities, it is best to choose jewelry made of a hypoallergenic substance like Titanium or stainless steel.

Changing the jewelry.

As I always say, please don’t do it alone. Contact your piercer to get it done for you. But be sure to change your jewelry only after the initial healing time.  

Types of jewelry used.

A small curved barbell is an ideal piece of jewelry for a bridge piercing. A straight barbell would put too much strain on the fistula’s edges and raise the possibility of migration.

The material used for jewelry

Of course, Titanium and gold. 

Titanium: Although it is typically more expensive, It is a fantastic option for most people. Compared to surgical steel, which contains nickel that most people tend to react to, Titanium is a higher-quality metal.

Gold: As long as you don’t have any known sensitivities, high-quality gold (typically 14k and up) is a good alternative. Keep quality high because cheap gold or gold plating can spread infection. The best metals for piercings are those that don’t tarnish quickly because plated jewelry can harm the healing process and long-term use.

Though the types differ, the procedure and the aftercare tips are the same. So feel free to do another if you are almost done with one. There are no restrictions. The only thing is the pain level differs, and the place differs. Again and again, be tactful and brave when you are selecting the piercer and the parlor.


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